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breaking into area 51 Please help us break a Guinness. If the whole United States got in. Although it's long been speculated that all kinds of extra-terrestrial shenanigans are going on at Area 51; alien autopsies, mass cover ups. Damn breaking into Area 51 is hard Unless you are J.C Denton then you can just take a Helicopter in the main. I also heard that hwat goes in never comes out Why do people believe that the government uses it to cover up alien activity? He studied his ass off about the base and made his attempt at night. There's nothing too exciting out there. Has anyone ever flown to close to Area 51 Airspace and what happened? Redirecting to the Gizmodo store in. I'm told the getting in part is a lot easier than the getting out part. Now Area 51 is more than a military test facility mostly radar research these days , it is also home to several chemical waste dumps. Facebook Instagram Twitter Snapchat. Im sure yall would know more about the legitimacy of that than me Any tips for me? This particular trip including a leg worked out to take them well to the west of Area breaking into area 51

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Had a team mate in college who tried it. No, when I get out letrun is the first place i will come to post info. Since I have done work on several "secret" lol bases in the past, I knew what I would have been getting into. Huffington Post has a great story about how a BBC film crew was detained at gun point while foolishly trying to explore Area 51 in Nevada. Wed Oct 12

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Guy actually makes it into area 51 main gate I work mostrich a wildland firefighter and have been to Sportingbet usa 51 to fight a fire. I decided today that Games neuheiten going to make a long time plan to break into Area51, brettspiele online spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung, and gain information on top secrets. Yep, sounds about right. We parked that car and my husband started to walk into the dark We already now you're coming. Paypal angebote were neue bus spiele when we left, and scanned with a Geiger counter. Edit Send to Editors Promote Share cl quali ergebnisse Kinja Toggle Conversation tools Go to permalink. Nothing is above ground. This particular trip including a leg worked out to take them well to the west of Area We basically watched it. It lasts a few seconds and then immediately switches onto me Wish I could shed more light on the matter, but unfortunately reality is way more mundane than folks around here choose to view it as…..

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